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Our Core Values & Code of Conduct

Kingdom Foods operates with these guiding principles that guide each of our business interactions. These are Kingdom Foods’ core values.

  • Transparency: We aspire to be open and show good faith in all our operations.
  • Dedication: A partner is only as good as the amount of effort they put in a relationship. Supplier or customer, rest assured we will never take that bond for granted.
  • Trust: Our clients always expect us to make decisions that are in their best interest. That level of trust has been forged over a long time of business excellence.
  • Family: We aim to build relationships within the community that will stand the test of time. We aim to create a happy workplace environment where our employees thrive and a community that all our stakeholder want to be part of.

Each employee of Kingdom Foods needs to adhere to the following code of conduct

  1. Always maintain a customer-oriented perspective. Act in the customers best interest.
  2. All employees must show gratitude towards the society that we operate within and must never betray their trust.
  3. Always show foresight and proactiveness by anticipating challenges and handling them accordingly.
  4. Always challenge ourselves and never allow complacency within the workplace.
  5. Always build on and grow relationships ad teamwork both at the workplace and with the community.