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Our Research & Development

Here at Kingdom Foods, we aspire to be the world leaders in food technology and innovation. With leading minds in food science and food technology at our disposal, we aim at improving the quality, yield, and shelf-life of our products for the benefit of our clients.

Our aim is to improve both our product and to simplify our farm to table process as much as possible thus maximizing client satisfaction as much as possible. You can always trust Kingdom Foods to always seek perfection and that perfection can only be achieved through significant research and development.

Research and development within Kingdom Foods is mainly focused on these aspects:

  • Research to ensure Food Safety and Security by improving both yield and yield quality. We focus on engineering technology and processes that will increase farm output while at the same time reducing artificial chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides that may interfere with food safety.
  • Research and development in food and ingredients that support good health. This includes research into superfoods and other nutrient-dense foods. We also research foods that may offer alternative health benefits. Here at Kingdom Foods, we do believe that the food you eat should be your body’s first line of defense against diseases and illnesses.
  • Research and Development to improve food experience. This is research into technologies and science that may be used to improve the taste of food without being detrimental to nutritional value. We also research on way to increase the shelf-life of foods without losing nutritional value or the taste. We want to keep your food tasty and fresh for as long as possible. This can only be achieved through significant research and development.